Staying cool in the heat… ?
How do you keep your flock cool? ❄️
Once it gets up to about 85 degrees… ?
If it gets any hotter than that…
They start to get really uncomfortable from the heat ?
They don’t really have a good way to cool off
Actually, that’s what their comb is for
They can release heat in their body out through their comb
But the reason that you might see them panting like dogs is because they can’t sweat
They’re body just doesn’t have sweat glands and they can’t expel extra energy that way
What are some of the symptoms to look for? ?
Some of the symptoms are…
… stop laying…laying eggs might just slow down or it could stop completely
… walk around with their beaks open a little bit kinda like they’re panting
… eat less because when they’re hot and uncomfortable, just like people, they don’t eat very well.
… hold their wings out, away from their body or drooping them down towards the ground
What can you do about it when you see it?
What can you do to try to prevent it in the first place?
The biggest thing I do is make ice
They chip away at it and they love ’em.
They’ll stand in the cold water.
The reason I have a landscape stone in the ice dish?
The cold water from the ice melting will keep the stones cool
They can stand on it to help keep their feet cool
If they can cool their feet down, then they can cool their body down …
They’ll absorb that coldness through the legs up into their body.
They’ll also drink the cold water as the ice melts
You can create frozen treats for them
You can take fruits or vegetables and freeze it in the ice blocks
They’ll actually chip away at the ice eating the ice to get to the treats you froze inside
That’s one way to get them to consume the cold ice
Make sure you have enough shade for them
That will get them out of the direct sun, so that maybe they won’t get quite as warm
Give them plenty of ventilation ?
Barn fans work great to keep the air moving
If you’ve got a solid roof to create shade, then have a way to force the hot air out from under it
I know you’ve heard me talk about Moonlight Mile Herbs before
Susan makes a supplement for heat stress for the chickens
You can put that in the frozen ice blocks, in a tea treat, mix it in their water
These are the tips I use to keep my flock cool through the summer heat
I hope they’re helpful for your flock too
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