What is a lash egg? ?
Honestly, I’ve not experienced one in my flock but … I know people have
I’ve seen things about them on the internet
I’ve read articles about them
So I thought I would just pass on the information to you
A lash egg is …
When a hen lays a rubbery egg
It is not a normal egg that just has a very thin shell or maybe no shell, just the skin
That’s not a lash egg
Lash eggs don’t have the proper white and yolk on the inside
When you cut open a lash egg, it actually has multiple layers of material
I guess you would call it, tissue and pus
It’s not really an egg at all
You’re not gonna see a yolk and a white, but you might see some egg shell
What causes it? ?
It’s actually an inflammation of the hen’s oviduct
The hen’s immune system will try to wall off the infection with a waxy, cheese-like pus
It’s not a good indication for a hen
A lot of times, by the time you get the lash egg, she’s so ill that you might not be able to do anything about it
But it’s good that you know about it, so you know what to look for
If you do find this funky looking egg in your henhouse, you’ve got an idea of what it is
How do you prevent it? ?
The best way, honestly, to prevent it is just to make sure everybody is healthy
That’s really the only way because it is an inflammation of the oviducts
Just keep your hens as healthy as possible
The healthier they are, then the less of these types of issues will happen
I just thought I would let you know what lash eggs are
So you know what to look out for
Hopefully, you never see ’em just like I haven’t seen one
I just want you to be educated ??
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