If you’re trying to stick to a special diet or a new lifestyle of eating…
Like no grains, no dairy, no meat ?
How do you handle going out to eat?
You don’t want to stop going out with your family and friends ?
But what do you do if you go to a restaurant that just doesn’t have an option on the menu that is quite right
It doesn’t quite fit the eating regimen that you’re following ?
I’ve got some ideas for you because I go through this all the time
See if they have a salad entrée ?
You can always ask them to leave the meat off if it says that it has meat in it
If it has cheese in it, and you don’t eat dairy, ask if they can just leave the cheese off
A lot of restaurants are very accommodating when it comes to dietary needs
For the salad dressing…
Always get your dressing on the side so you can control how much goes on your salad
If you get a vinaigrette, it’s much more likely to be vegan or non-dairy than if you get a creamy salad dressing
Most vinaigrettes are some kind of oil and vinegar with herbs in it
Another idea is see they have a veggie burger on the menu ?
So many restaurants have a veggie burger these days
If you don’t eat grains, ask them if they’ll put the burger on a bed of lettuce or a lettuce wrap
Most places will do that, I haven’t had anybody tell me no, that they can’t do that
Another thing I’ve done is get a couple of veggie sides or a couple of appetizers as my meal
Look at the appetizer menu, look at the side dish menu and see if you can’t find two or three things to put together a meal for yourself
Those are the things I’ve done when I’ve gone out and gotten stuck in a restaurant where they really didn’t have an appropriate meal for me ?
I know how important it is to stick to your lifestyle choices, but still be able to enjoy time out with family and friends
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