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If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, please feel free to email me, however understand that due to the volume of email that I receive, as much as I try to read each one, I can’t always personally answer every single one because of time constraints involved in caring for our animals and my home in addition to my blogging and business activities. I am not able to respond to requests for blogging consultations or lengthy emails requesting large amounts of personalized advice regarding caring of your flock.

Where is my homestead located and is a tour available?
My husband and I currently live on a small homestead in central Arizona. Because of privacy reasons, I prefer not to be any more specific than that.

I don’t encourage tours of my property due to biosecurity reasons with my flock (chicken diseases spread very easily flock to flock even on clothing or footwear) and to preserve a bit of privacy. However, I have shared many photos in various posts here on my blog and on social media such as Facebook.

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Blogging requires a tremendous amount of hard work if you want to be successful at it.  There are no magic bullets or get-rich-quick tips that I can offer. If you enjoy it, or think you would enjoy it, then providing good quality, original and unique content in a consistent, professional manner is the best way to succeed. Unfortunately, I cannot give personalized blog consultations.

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