The Backyard Mvmt Course is finally available!!

Imagine having the knowledge to manage a homestead…Dream of living off the land?

Being self-sustainable?
Want to get back to basics?

Just imagine…waking up for breakfast…walking into the backyard…picking the chilis needed for salsa, jalapeno cornbread, or a Mexican inspired egg casserole… ????

Fresh from the garden…organic…with pride knowing where it came from.

So many people take for granted where their food comes from and don’t make sure homestead knowledge is passed down through the generations!

I loved my corporate IT job but it didn’t lend itself to the Organic lifestyle I desired.

Several years ago, I made a decision that I needed to turn my property into a homestead.

I was frustrated with the cost of organic foods

I was disappointed with the lack of high quality eggs

I was devastated with the realization that no one cared about my health as much as I did

It was time to take back control by getting back to basics …

? Organic Health
? Chicken Raising
? Composting
? Mini Orchard

? Organic Vegetable Garden

The first step was to setup the mini citrus orchard with Meyer Lemon?, Mexican Lime, Arizona Sweet Orange?, and Ruby Red Grapefruit trees.

But what I really needed was a chicken mansion!?

Since eggs are my main source of protein, I need the highest quality, most nutritious eggs that chickens can produce. That meant the chicken mansion needed to move from a dream ?

to a reality ?… big enough to house 30 hens.

I felt excited and scared at the same time …

… excited that I was making changes and taking back control ?

… scared because it was new and I would be learning as I go ??

Backyard Chicken Course

In 3 short months I researched?️, I planned?, and it was built ?… kinda like if you build it, they will come

The hens moved into the Egg Song Bunkhouse with a grow-out pen “get acquainted” apartment, a large roost bar bedroom, an egg production parlor, and a huge enclosed playground for daily exercise, games and social gatherings.

It was so satisfying to know I was able to accomplish this!

Now I’m helping others to learn the lost art of homesteading and bring this knowledge back to their family.

The Backyard Mvmt Course is finally available!!

Learn from the comfort of home, at a personal pace that fits your schedule.


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