Garden Planning and Building

When deciding how big a garden you need, 200 sq ft per person allows for enough harvest for everyone year-round. That meant we need 400 sq ft for us and we added another 100 sq ft for the chickens. We decided on raised garden beds because our ground is full of rocks …...

Oyster Shell or Crushed Egg Shells…Does It Matter?

Why Your Hens Need Oyster Shell Hens need calcium to lay and have strong egg shells. If your laying hens don’t get enough calcium their bodies will pull calcium from their bones and this is obviously bad for their health.  So … should you purchase oyster shell or make...

Jackfruit As A Meat Substitute?

If you don't meat anymore, what do you do… If you wanna go to a barbecue? If you want tacos? ? What are you gonna use for a meat substitute so that you can hangout with your friends and family, but still stick to your new diet lifestyle? ? What I have found for a...

A Lash Egg? What’s That and How Is It Treated?

What is a lash egg? ? Honestly, I've not experienced one in my flock but ... I know people have I've seen things about them on the internet I've read articles about them So I thought I would just pass on the information to you A lash egg is ... When a hen lays a...

Flock Pecking Order Secrets

Pecking order … it's real! It maintains the social order within the flock and they figure it out themselves Each bird has a rank in the pecking order and its literally determined by pecking each other ? Whoever is bigger, stronger, more aggressive becomes the bully at...

What Backyard Chicken Keepers Need to Know About Flystrike

Flystrike ... What is it? What causes it? Flystrike is when flies lay their eggs on a living animal ? When the maggots hatch, they usually live on the dead skin of the live animal They would lay the eggs down by the skin, not out on the surface, on the feathers You...

4 Tips to Keep Your Chickens Cool

Staying cool in the heat... ? How do you keep your flock cool? ❄️ Once it gets up to about 85 degrees… ? If it gets any hotter than that… They start to get really uncomfortable from the heat ? They don't really have a good way to cool off Actually, that's what their...

Dining Out Without Feeling Defeated

If you're trying to stick to a special diet or a new lifestyle of eating… Like no grains, no dairy, no meat ? How do you handle going out to eat? You don't want to stop going out with your family and friends ? But what do you do if you go to a restaurant that just...

Storing Farm Fresh Eggs

Storing eggs... Do you store them on the counter? Or store them in the fridge?  Egg shells are actually porous ? Fresh eggs have a bloom on the outside The bloom is a clear coating that stops disease from getting in through the pores should it be an egg that's gonna...

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