How To Clean The Hen House Quick And Easy

Some of you have made comments about how clean my hen house is ✨ So I thought I would just go over with you, what my cleaning regimen is ? Some cleaning tasks are daily, others are weekly, and some even yearly Once a year, I go through the whole entire coop Brush down...

Top Considerations When Planning Vacation And You Have A Flock

Vacation time!! ? Let's say you've got a flock But you want to go away for a week, or a few days ? You want to take a trip somewhere that means being gone away from your homestead What do you do about handling your flock? ? There's a couple of things you can do... You...

A Great Solution For Grain-Free Crackers And Cookies

If you have cut grain out of your diet… What do you do about crackers and cookies? ? The base for most is wheat? How do you substitute that? ? One of the things I've found is to use almond flour You can make your own crackers, I've done it You can make your own...

Electrolytes To Prevent Heat Stress In Chickens

There's two times when you might need to get your hands on some electrolytes for your chickens One is in the summer when it's extra hot out ? The other time is if you think you've got a dehydrated chicken Chickens can overheat, get heat stress, and even die since they...

Chickens Need A Saddle?

Chicken saddles or chicken aprons... ? What is that? If you've got roosters ? When they are mating their hens, they tug at the feathers on the back Or scratch at them with their feet, and it will strip the feathers It could pull them out And if it gets down to the...

5 Natural Ways to Deter Ants

How do you handle ants around the hen house? ? You can't put down chemicals You don't want to harm the chickens There are some options for natural ant spray ? One of the options is a citrus spray ? Ants don't like citrus. Similar to the way dogs don't, it makes them...

What Are Those Spots In My Backyard Eggs?

What are blood spots or meat spots that you might see in backyard eggs? ? And is it okay to eat these eggs? A blood spot is a ruptured blood vessel that happened during the egg laying process A meat spot is similar, it is a piece of tissue that is sloughing off from...

The Power Of Cauliflower: Pizza Can Stay!

If you don't eat grains anymore, what do you do about pizza? ? Pizza crust is just full of all-purpose wheat flour and it's very high in carbs So if you're trying to cut the carbs… If you're trying to cut out grains… ? What do you do? Well I've found a company called...

3 Possible Causes Of Pasty Butt and How To Treat It

What is pasty butt? When you've got young newly hatched chicks, anywhere from three days to about a week old It's a condition that you might see where the poop on the little vent on their butt, dries It sticks there and dries, and that can become a problem If it seals...

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