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Written on May 9th, 2018

Not too long ago I was an IT Manager at an international company with a team in the US, Asia, and Europe.

I would go to work during the US work day, do my full day of work. I’d come home to have a quick dinner then get on the phone with Asia because 6:00 PM here is 9:00 AM in Asia … they would just be starting their work day. I’d spend the next three or four hours on the phone with Asia, working with the team over there. And then some days I’d have to get up really early in order to have calls with Hamburg, Germany with the team there.

Putting in a 16 to 20 hour schedule day after day, week after week, month after month just isn’t sustainable.

I had had enough because it was interrupting a normal work/life balance. I didn’t have time to do anything that needed to be done around the house, do things with family…you know, take care of things that I would normally want to do in the evenings after work. I’d have to collect all those tasks and I cram them on the weekend! I would spend the weekend being just as busy as I was at work during the week. So even the weekend wasn’t time to relax. It wasn’t time to de-stress. It wasn’t time to rejuvenate myself in order to be ready to manage the following week, starting Monday morning fresh.

So I was like, OK, enough’s enough. There’s gotta be a better way to live, to have what you want and be more relaxed about it…not be so crazy busy!

So I started looking for another way. I was looking at franchises because I knew I wanted to work for myself, but it turns out that franchises cost $80,000 or more and you have to keep the store open for the 80 hours a week that the shopping center or shopping mall stipulates in their contract. Being a sole business owner, how was I going to work 80 hours a week to manage a store? That’s no better than the situation that I was just trying to get myself out of!

So I kept looking and one night I was sitting on the couch flipping through my newsfeed. I saw this video (I never really click on ads, by the way, I don’t think I’ve even clicked on one since) but I clicked on that video and I started watching it. It was a lady talking about how she had found a system that was 90% done for her and she only had to put in the remaining 10% of the work. And I was thinking, well that’s really interesting…I’d like 90% done for me and only have to put in 10% of the work!

So I kept watching it to see what this 10% of the work was all about and it turns out that I would be taught a new skill set, learn a new system and be assigned a coach that would mentor me. It was all inclusive and I would be taught social media advertising. I was thinking that’s kind of cool because everything’s moving to the Internet anyway. So it made sense to me that that was the way to go and I learned that it takes about 30 to 45 days to learn these new skills and start placing ads.

I was thinking that’s not too much time to get a new business off the ground, to see if I can really do this for me. And I don’t have to take the risk of leaving my corporate job until I’m successful. So I looked into it even further and learned that when you place your ads on social media, somebody answers those ads, and I get the credit for it. You see, there’s a manufacturer in the health and wellness industry that they have a contract with for product and whenever I sell one of their products, I get paid the commission for that sale.

So this whole idea is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means that you hook up with the manufacturer that wants their product sold over the Internet, you place ads finding the perfect audience, (the people that want those products) and the commission you get is for putting together the sale transaction. My thoughts? Well that’s new and innovative! That’s kind of cool! I wouldn’t mind getting into that.

So I jumped in and I started doing all the training. After you join, you are assigned a coach who helps you make sure you’re staying on track with your training. You’ve got the coaching, you’ve got the mentoring, and as you grow your business they keep mentoring you. They don’t just say here’s your training manual, Good luck, Have a nice day! They stay with you the whole time and as you grow, they help you stay on track showing you what’s coming next because your coach is a step or two ahead of you.

I really liked that idea of the community and being able to have help whenever I need, someone I can call whenever I have questions. For me this help was essential, comforting and made it an even better opportunity than what I had initially thought. The coaching material also talks about the manufacturer and goes through the product details.

In 7 months I was able to build my business to the point I could leave my corporate job! July 7 2017 was my last day of cubicle life! That’s when Be The Organic U was born … I realized that the term organic didn’t just apply to food. On a larger life scale, ‘organic’ is designing the different parts of your life so that they are each managed in a stress-free healthy way. When these organic parts are all in sync, your life is more balanced, you feel more whole, with stronger mental clarity and physically energized.

It’s just amazing to me what this business allows me to do because now I have the time to do all those things in the evening that I never had time for at my corporate job. I only need to spend two or three hours a day working my business, keeping things growing. The time freedom is even better and more meaningful!

I have time to do planting around my property. I have time to take care of the chickens and the dogs. I have time to get to the many projects I’ve been dreaming about. It’s just been the best thing that I’ve ever done.

Now I’m giving back, paying it forward … I provide the skills to an organic path of health, wealth and time freedom to people who want out of the 9-5 work environment in a life changing way so that they can take back control by planning their work around their life instead of planning their life around their work allowing the freedom to homestead, be stress-free, be healthy, and have time to spend on what’s most important to them.

The Affiliate Marketing business was a great learning ground for Social Media Marketing. 2 years later, Jan 2019, the CBD Industry opened up after the President signed the Farm Bill on Dec 20 2018. So I switched from Affiliate Marketing to Network Marketing, hopped into the CBD Industry promoting hemp-derived CBD products.

If you want to see the system, to find out if it’s what you’ve been searching for … go ahead and click here to take a look for yourself. I’d be glad to pass the skills forward to you just like they were passed forward to me and get you started on your journey.

So go ahead and click the link, but most of all … just Be The Organic U and Feed Your Soul.

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Amy G Clair
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