If you don’t meat anymore, what do you do…

If you wanna go to a barbecue?
If you want tacos? ?

What are you gonna use for a meat substitute so that you can hangout with your friends and family, but still stick to your new diet lifestyle? ?

What I have found for a possible meat substitute…

… it doesn’t work for everything …

But for some things is jackfruit

Jackfruit is a fruit native from southwest India ??
And when it’s ripe, it’s a sweet fruit and you can use it like you would any fruit
The seeds even can be boiled or roasted to remove the toxins so you can use them like chestnuts
I haven’t had the seeds used, but I have had the fruit

If you use the unripe fruit, that’s what you can use to make a savory meat substitute
Jackfruit is pretty messy to try to break open yourself
Not only is it not easy to break open, but it’s very sticky, slimy inside with a latex-like goo
I did it once, but you don’t have to
You don’t have to break it open yourself unless you really wanna go through that exercise

There are two products that you can find in your local store
I found both of these.

Edward and Sons, a red box, that is unseasoned jackfruit that you can then put your own sauce on and use it any way you like

Typically, it is kinda shredded like in the picture.

Jackfruit company…
They only make certain flavors. They’ve already got sauce on it.
They make a barbecue, a curry one and a southwest (think of taco seasoning)

I carry both because this way…
If the flavor is what I want, I can use the already prepared one right away
It only takes a few minutes to heat it up because it’s already to go
If I want something that doesn’t come already prepared with a sauce on it, then I have the unflavored that I can make all my own sauces and use any way I like

If you’re trying to have meatless days
But you’ve got meat recipes that you really enjoy the sauce or the flavor
You can use jackfruit in place of your meat

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